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The EU established a system for Monitoring Reporting and Verification (EU MRV) of carbon dioxide emissions of the maritime industry. All ships with more than 5,000 GT calling ports within the EUROPEAN UNION have to monitor and to report their CO2 emissions. The process of monitoring (per voyage) and annual reporting of accumulated data to the EMSA managed THETIS-MRV data base must be verified by a notified body such as but not limited to ClassNK. The main purpose of EU MRV is to control and to reduce CO2 emissions in the maritime industry.

We provide information relevant for ship owners, ship managers and DOC holders in connection with requirements of EU MRV Regulations and challenges for shipping companies. Ship-owner or any other organization or person, such as the manager or the bareboat charterer, which has assumed the responsibility for the operation of the ship from the ship-owner, has to comply with EU MRV.

EU MRV (and IMO-DCS) must be seen in the context of international climate control measures to reduce green-house gases such as CO2. Regulation (EU) 2015/757 describes the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from maritime transport. Monitoring the fuel consumed and other relevant data during voyages has started on 1 January 2018.


EU MRV Process

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Movena recommends WEATHER NEWS INTERNATIONAL (WNI) as your first choice for EU MRV and IMO-DCS related measures. WNI specialists are regularily available in Germany (please send your enquiry to: ClassNK is the accredited verifier for emission data control and upload to EMSA THETIS data base.