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Nautilus Log App

SECURIZON and MOVENA offer a complete low cost solution package to allow ship owners and managers to easily comply with EU MRV and IMO-DCS (requirements: IMO-DCS.COM)
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NautilusLog Module „MRV“ only needs minimum crew attention during voyages, e.g. in case of fuel change or sounding takes place. The ship operator’s head office can provide the ship’s registration data (excel template) while the crew on board activates the APP when starting a voyage and deactivates at the ship’s voyage destination. All data – from shore and ship – are consolidated in one data system.

Our NautilusLog APP is available for registered interested users as a free-of-charge download in the Google Play APP store. The use is free of charge within an extended “trial period” in order to allow users to gain experience and confidence while using this tool.

Users need to pay for the full version of the APP when creating consolidated EU-MRV reports for Reporting and Verification purposes. The overall cost is cheaper than for any other comparable solution. You may use your own verifier (such as ClassNK or another classification society, a TÜV organisation or any other accredited verification body). Please check with us your most cost efficient individual solution.

NautilusLog Module „MRV“ was created by our partner and maritime APP developer securizon GmbH, Hamburg. Interested parties please directly contact Mr. Ingo Klemke, MD at securizon GmbH, phone +49 172 4161135 or for downloading your free trial version.

What makes  Nautilus Log “MRV” APP the most unique innovation?

• Automatic collection of most of the EU MRV relevant reporting data

• Cost efficient solution, very limited efforts from crew required

• Use of mobile phone sensors without SIM card (ship internal WiFi only)

• User optimized software runs on smartphones and does not require any investment in installation and customizing. For backups: two smart phones required per vessel for EU-MRV reporting

• Software updates are provided automatically without additional fees for the users

• Automatic tracing of voyage distance, anchorage time, etc.

• Simple, customer friendly entries on fuel consumption, cargo via interfaces on the smartphone

• Automatic check of plausibility of collected data and automatic alerts in case of potential errors in entries

• Only some ship specific data to be entered manually, such as bunker delivery notes

• All data are automatically consolidated into an emission report

• User Access control

• Multiple users can access the data and make relevant entries from mobile phones, anywhere in the world

• Automatic and immediate plausibility check of data entries

• Increased data security as data are stored on systems on board and synchronized with a dedicated cloud once-in-a-while

• Data-Analysis and access

• Software is compatible with other databases and cloud services, e.g. through API interface

• Software is fully compliant with IT security standards, in line with latest market standard including data protection

• Combination of automatic data tracking with easy to use manual entries via smart phones reduces workload of crew and ship management companies

• NautilusLog APP data can be exported to other IT systems, e.g. of the ship operator, charterer, classification societies, etc.

• Usage of data for the Big Data Center (e.g. at ClassNK) is possible.

Data Entries

• Cargo (tons)

• Soundings

• Change of fuel (HFO, LFO, MDO/MGO)

• Bunker (tons); photo of bunker delivery note for archive

• Certification notices (for surveys)

• Alarms (technical failures)

• Documentation of medical events etc.

Technical Details:



• Automatically detects and records position and nautical status (anchoring, sailing, berthed) via periodical polling of current device locations

• Notifies the ship’s position (at open sea, port, locks, etc.)

• Notifies about oncoming events such as change of fuel before crossing ECA-Zone boundaries


NFC- Near Field Communication (pairing between user and vessel)
• Access control for a user to a ship and ship’s data can be granted via NFC-paring (depending on user permissions) of the devices
• NFC is also used to document that a voyage is recorded with a device on board of the ship (ship needs to be equipped with NFC-tags).

Data Synchronization / Data Redundancy locally
• The App supports full offline capabilities with peer to peer synchronization via WiFi, bluetooth or other locally available networks
• The APP sycns with a dedicated cloud

Data and clock synchronization (peer to peer)
• Multiple devices on board of a ship can synchronize their local data knowledge offline via WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC
• Data collected offline and recorded changes are shared between devices (peer to peer networking) to increase data redundancy and to improve data reliability locally on board of the ship without the requirement to transmit the data to the server for safe storage
• Multiple devices used on one ship exchange their data automatically to achieve data redundancy and thereby preventing or at least mitigate the loss of data if one of the devices has a break down or gets lost somehow
• The data exchange between peers (server and/or devices) is tailor-made to only transmit a minimum amount of datasets (incremental data transfer)

Future applications based on NautilusLog:
• Digital Log Book
• Sensors related to heel and trim
• Measurement of frequencies of engines for preventive maintenance
• Supporting surveys, inspections